Mi nombre es Luis Zapata Trujillo nacido en la ciudad de Quito ecuador propietario del café hostal Quinde Huayco ubicado en la cuidad de Baeza provincia de napo desde hace seis años, y con la residencia  en el estado de new jersey  EE.UU por 17 años, estamos trabajando con voluntarios en el norte de la amazonia por que hemos encontrado muchas falencias con las comunidades mas vulnerables de la área


I’m Luis Zapata Trujillo, the owner of hostal Quinde Huayco in this beautiful spot in Ecuador named Baeza. I’m originally from Quito and I’ve lived and travelled for 17 years in the USA before I decided to settle here six years ago, with the idea of using my own experience to be a good host to fellow travellers. The region of Baeza is covered with cloudforest; there’s a lot of nature with a great biodiversity, it’s safe and tranquil and the village is still a small community.

I love sharing my enthusiasm for everything Baeza has to offer with anyone who comes to visit us, so they can really get to know this town and it’s surroundings and make the best of their stay.

That is why Quinde Huayco doesn’t only offer a cozy place to stay and many different organized tours: we also have several volunteer options for (semi-)professionals. Because I’ve been living in this area for years now, I know the region, the population and the necessities very well. That is why I only offer projects that the people here really benefit from in the first place.

My belief is that volunteering directly with a small local organization is the best way to guarantee that the local people benefit optimally from your efforts and contributions as a volunteer. Big organizations often ask a lot of money for volunteer work in exactly the same place; I think that the money would be better spent directly on the local projects.

If you feel that way too and if you’re interested in volunteering in one of our projects, please read the information in the menu and don’t hesítate to contact me!


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